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Income Protection Insurance - What Is It?

Income protection insurance is a life insurance policy that enables the insurer to pay attention to his or health and recover, while it pays a predetermined percentage of your income so that you are able to pay off the bills, if the insurer is unable to work due to illness or accident.

Why Income Protection Insurance Is Crucial?

Getting a regular income is crucial for meeting day-to-day needs and paying mortgage—hence leading a peaceful life. However, there may be situations in life where you may be unable to work due to temporary or permanent disability.

Income protection insurance, guarantees payment of all your bills and hence provides you peace of mind while you are recovering from your illness. Furthermore, it also ensures that your loved ones lead a quality life while you take time off for recovery.

Why InsuRisk Insurance Broking Services?

At InsuRisk, we value the hard work you put towards providing for your family, hence we provide you with expert insurance advice and insurance broking services customized to specifically meet your requirements. We go a step further to ensure a hassle-free claim at the time of unforeseen events and safeguard your family against all the odds.

Why Income Protection Insurance By InsuRisk?

InsuRisk makes availing Income Protection Insurance a whole lot easier. Our team of well-experienced insurance brokers understands your requirements and offers you online insurance quotes. The Income Protection Insurance can be availed in no time with just a few clicks. Going further, the insurance can be renewed in a hassle-free manner. InsuRisk cares for you and your family hence assists you in the event of a claim.

What Income Protection Insurance Covers

Income Protection Insurance gives you coverage of 80% of your pre tax income if you are unable to work due to temporary or permanent disability caused due to illness or accident. However it should be noted that, Income Protection Insurance does not provide coverage if insurer is unable to work due to:

  • Mental disorder or illness.
  • Self-inflicted act.
  • Usage of drugs.
  • Engaging in any criminal or illegal activities.

Income Protection Insurance Costs

There are several factors, which play huge role in determining the cost of Income Protection Insurance. The cost is based on age, health conditions, income covered, term of the policy, waiting period opted for.

To avail, the Income Protection Insurance that is customized according to your requirements, get in touch with our team of experienced insurance services brokers at InsuRisk and safeguard your family.