Product Liability Insurance: Essential Protection for Businesses


What is Product Liability Insurance?


Product Liability Insurance is crucial for businesses that supply products to the public or customers. This type of insurance provides coverage for legal fees and compensations if your products cause injury or damage. By safeguarding against financial losses from legal claims, it ensures your business can operate without fear of devastating litigation costs.


Why It’s Crucial:


In today’s market, the safety of products is a paramount concern. Product Liability Insurance offers essential financial protection, covering businesses against the high costs associated with disputes over product safety. This insurance is vital for maintaining your company’s financial health and reputation.


Coverage Includes:

  • Bystander Injuries: Coverage for injuries that your products may cause to consumers or bystanders.
  • Food and Beverage Illnesses: Protects against claims of illness caused by your consumable products.
  • Defective Product Damages: Offers compensation for property damage caused by a malfunctioning product.
  • Casualty: Covers legal responsibilities in the unfortunate event that your products cause death.

Note: This insurance does not cover injuries to employees during manufacturing or issues related to product recalls.

Cost Factors:


The cost of Product Liability Insurance varies based on several factors including the inherent risk of your products, the size of your company, and your annual revenue. Higher risk products typically lead to higher premiums.


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