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Transport Package Services – What It Is?

Transport Package service is an insurance policy that offers coverage for insured's property while it is in transit from one location to another by any modes of transport.

Transport Package Services From InsuRisk

Transport package insurance services from InsuRisk, offers coverage for goods during the transport and transit phase. The insurance coverage is not provided only during transport and transit of goods but also while the goods are in storage in the warehouse.

Why Transport Package Insurance is Crucial?

Transport package insurance is a crucial Insurance services that protects your business as it provides:

  • Coverage for shipment’s monetary value.

  • Coverage for various events for malicious damage, accidental damage or natural calamity.

  • Coverage for damage caused to property owned by third party if any.

Transport Package Insurance cost

In accordance with the size of the business, risk associated with the products under transport phase and cost of the products therein, the cost of Transport package insurance varies. In addition to that Transport package insurance cost depends on risk that the haulage undertakes and also the experience of the person responsible for transport.

Why InsuRisk Insurance Broking Services?

We at InsuRisk, value the hard work you put towards your business, hence providing you with expert insurance advice and insurance broking services customized to meet your requirements.

We go a step further to ensure a hassle-free claim at the time of liability and safeguard your business against all the odds.

Why Transport Package Insurance by InsuRisk?

InsuRisk makes availing Transport Package Insurance a whole lot easier. Our team of well-experienced insurance brokers understands your business requirements and offers you online insurance quotes. The Transport Package Insurance can be availed in no time with just a few clicks. Going further, the insurance can be renewed in a hassle-free manner. InsuRisk cares for your business, hence assists you in the event of a claim.